Case Studies

ÉPOCA – High-end Furniture Company.

The corporate rebrand should focus on building stronger association with product offerings, credibility with customers and partners, strategic visual coherence, and clear definition of market positioning in the public mind.

The rebranding led the company to a contemporary era, balancing the new with the stability and confidence acquired.

We created the branding and creative strategy (online portal showing acclimated products, Annual Collection and Event magazine, giveaways, sensorial experiences – unique aroma and menu, press release sent to professionals) that brought life to the brand and defined its visual and strategic relationship with different brands of products offered, customers and partners. We launched the new corporate identity consistently through marketing campaigns (including award winning billboards).

ÉPOCA reached great acceptance and recognition of their new identity, positioning itself for future growth and profitability. The new branding serves as a reference for all strategic communications and product marketing efforts.

GRUPO JOSÉ ALVES – The 47-year-old family owned business composed by 9 brands in different industries (COCA-COLA, REMBAL, RED & WHITE SOLUTIONS, FACULDADES ALFA, 3T SYSTEMS, NL REAL STATE, ACQUA LIA, ATLANTA) needed to show that all brands belonged to the main brand – Grupo Jose Alves. We integrated all brands creating a consistent look and feel on all business cards, templates, and presentations. A branding guideline was also created to guide the marketing department.

PAPYRUS / SCHURMAN FINE PAPERS – Social Expression Company.

Responsible for creating sophisticated designs and marketing campaigns consistent with the corporate image, providing an emotional connection and an inviting look at all forms of communication.

Environmental Graphics (poster, pop, bay header) revitalized the stores, bringing seasonal products to life, attracting customers. Marketing campaigns were tested monthly, always demonstrating an increase in sales.

The Papyrus achieved excellent recognition and customers were inspired by the essence of the brand and its commitment to quality.

PICNIC SHOES – Children’s footwear and accessories store.
A new brand wishing to provide a memorable experience for their customers.

 The essence of branding was to offer a positive emotional connection, visually inviting, that fulfills the promise of quality and care to its customers.

The corporate image (visual language, tone of voice, brand guidelines) has been applied consistently in all corporate materials (stationery, bags, ads and billboards) and acts as a benchmark for creative and strategic company initiatives.

 The Picnic Shoes achieved high levels of acceptance and recognition of their identity and the brand is positioned for growth and profitability in the future.

JAEPEL – Paper/Cardboard Recycling & Packaging Manufacturer.

We created a clean corporate image (visual language, content) focused on company’s values, credibility, commitment to quality, role in global sustainable development, and environmental and social responsibility.

The identity created has visual and strategic coherence in all forms of communication, both internally (equipment labels, news, banner, internal journal, mascot) and externally (website, PowerPoint, greeting card, freebie).

BRAZIS – Furniture Store.

Our client was opening its second store and needed an integrated visual expression consistent with its expansion goals.

Our strategy was to use illustration, graphics and vibrant colors easy to implement in different media for strong visual impact. The new corporate image and graphical ambiance revitalized the brand personality, making it modern and appealing to different audiences.

We created constant integrated promotional campaigns (folder, catalog, panel, billboard, newspaper and TV) that prompted customers to purchase products in a facilitated manner and realize the promise of the slogan: “Making your home the best place in the world”.


Our client needed a visual expression integrated and in harmony with the existing decor. We created environmental graphics that revitalized the image, bringing life to campaigns, humanizing the stores and attracting customers. The graphical approach, easily expandable to other sites, created strong visual continuity.

ANDREA BALESTRA - Decoration & Gift Store.

The retro-chic style created for the brand is aligned with the products offered, the memorable experience when entering the store and the inviting look of its communication materials (website, video, radio, brochure, banner, packaging, ads and freebies).

We also created a strategic communication plan guiding marketing campaigns.

This distinctive style in its communication materials and products provided great acceptance of the brand (being invited to participate in two major architectural events: CasaCor© Goias and Brasilia).